Meaco 38Lm Platinum Range Building Dehumidifier

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The Meaco 38LM dehumidifier is a commercial dryer for industrial for heavy duty use. Meaco 38LM are perfect for clean up after a flood and can remove around 38 litres of water a day. Sold with 7.8 litre tank for holding the water but can also be fitted with a direct feed from a pipe.

Comes with 2 year warranty and removes up to 38 litres of water a day. The Meaco 38LM Platinum range is designed to be highly energy efficient.

  • Suitable for drying out a space after a flood
  • For use in industrial drying applications
  • For rental in commercial hire fleets
  • Part of the exclusive Meaco Platinum Range

This is not a normal building dryer, it has been built in Europe to exacting standards to set a new benchmark for commercial machines and quality.

Meaco 38Lm Platinum Range Building Dryer

What you want from a building dryer is a dehumidifier that extracts a lot of moisture from the air, using as little electricity as possible and will give you many years of reliable service. That is exactly what the Meaco 38Lm was engineered to do and that is exactly what it does.

Designed and built in Europe the 38Lm is our first building dryer to meet the requirements for inclusion into the Meaco Platinum Range of dehumidifiers. This means that it meets our requirements in terms of energy efficiency and superior build quality.  This is why it comes with a two year warranty to reflect our confidence in it's build.

The Meaco 38Lm is coated in epoxy paint onto a steel housing to restrict scratches. It uses 250mm diameter polyurethane wheels with extra-large handles to help manoeuvre it up and down stairs and curbs.  An hour counter keeps track of usage.

Internally it uses the highest possible grade components and welds to ensure reliability in all conditions and to provide maximum extraction rates using the smallest amount of energy possible at all temperatures and relative humidities. Hot gas defrost is installed as standard to improve performance below 16°C and when not in use the 38Lm can be stacked three high to save on space.  It comes with a huge 7.8 litre ABS tank with the option of a remote humidistat and a 4m gain high grade steel pump.


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