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MeacoHeat MotionMove Eye 2.0kW Heater - White

MeacoHeat Motion Move Eye 2.0kW Heater -White

As with all Meaco products, the MeacoHeat is packed with innovation. Design features such as the 'Motion Eye Sensor' mean they only deliver heat when required - The Sensor detects when a person is present in a room and starts and stops the heater accordingly - No more heaters left on !  Playrooms, offices, conservatories and even waiting rooms are some of the unique locations for a MeacoHeat

The Safe PTC ceramic technology in the MeacoHeat offers faster start-up time with almost instant heat and a reliable form of heat distribution, this coupled summer fan mode, knock over protection and cool design make this a heater for the modern era.

PTC technology is the most efficient way of room heating. It uses small ceramic stones with self-limiting temperature characteristics, which have fast heating response times and plateau at pre-determined temperatures.

Compared to the 1.8 kw machine .this larger 2.0kW MeacoHeat heater adds oscillation to the specification to distribute the heat evenly through a 60° arc.  A three level thermostat replaces the off timer to provide another level of control if you do not want to use the motion detection


  • 2Kw Output-  2 Output Settings : 100w or 2000w
  • PTC Ceramic Heater
  • Oscillation for even heat distribution
  • Fan only mode - Summer cooling
  • Low noice level - 36.3 -36.8 dB
  • Standard dust filter fitted
  • Off Timer - Set  1 -7 hours
  • Tip over switch- Cuts off heater is knocked voer
  • Thermal protective fuse


Size: 38.7cm H x 17cm W x 15cm W

Weight: 2.45kgs

Power Cord: 1.5mtr length