Meaco Dehumidifiers Ireland is part of the CH Marine Ltd Group. We are proudly an Irish based company with offices in Cork, Skibbereen and Newtownards.

Our background

CH Marine, our parent company, started in West Cork in the stunningly beautiful village of Glandore, over 50 years ago. These days,  CH Marine is a modern, progressive company with offices in both Ireland and Northern Ireland and with a product range spanning from marine equipment to farmers workwear and yes, to dehumidifiers.

So how did a marine equipment company end up selling home dehumidifiers?

Over 15 years ago CH Marine was product researching to find the best dehumidifier for the winter storage of boats. This was a demanding brief, as many previously attempts to find a reliable product had failed. The dehumidifier had to be able to operate in a low temperature environment, had to function unattended, had to be safe and had to have the capacity to reset itself in the event of a power interruption. A bonus would be to have a source of gentle heat. This is how we discovered the Meaco Desiccant DD8L - this award winning dehumidifier ticked all the boxes and is now one of our best sellers and most trusted product.  Very quickly, the suitability of the Meaco DD8L for other applications became apparent. We sell this original model, the Junior version and the more sophisticated Meaco DD8L Zambezi for a whole range of uses from boats, caravans and mobile homes to garages, offices and holiday homes and ultimately to domestic homes and apartments. This is how our Dehumidifier Division was born with the formation of Meaco Dehumidifiers Ireland.

Over 10 years of dehumidifier experience

In existence for over 10 years now, Meaco Dehumidifiers Ireland markets and represents the full product range of Meaco products, including home dehumidifiers, air purifiers, cooling fans and commercial building dryers. Our sales team are trained to give the best advice on product selection and our Meaco trained technicians are there for support and service.

In our opinion, Meaco produces the best dehumidifier range available today and we are proud to be able to supply it in Ireland. Our ethos is excellence in customer service and with Meaco as our partner, they help us deliver the products and service that is required in a modern and efficient Ireland.

Buy in Ireland

We are an EU supporter and we thank you for supporting 'Buy in Ireland'.  However we will not be resting on our laurels, as we know that ultimately price, product and service are essential for your satisfaction and our promise is always to deliver.