MeacoDry ABC 12L Compressor Dehumidifier

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Why buy

Why buy it ?, Type, Shipping, Warranty,

Why buy

Why buy it ?:
Meaco's quietest dehumidifier yet , perfect for smaller apartments and homes
Free Shipping to Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK
2 year parts and labour warranty


Meaco's quietest dehumidifier to date, for use in flats and small houses. 

The MeacoDry ABC 12L is a fabulous new design release from the award winning, dehumidifier manufacturer, Meaco. The Meaco Dry ABC 12L features the latest in low noise and energy saving technology and is literally, one of the quietest dehumidifiers ever produced by Meaco. The MeacoDry 10L ABC comes at an exceptional price for its outstanding performance and is perfect for any home up to 3 bedroom or similar sized office space.

The Meaco Dry 12L is ultra-quiet emitting only 35dB, when on low speed and 40db at higher fan speed this makes it very suitable for more compact areas where noise could be a nuisance.

Energy efficiency is the buzzword for the Meaco DRY 10L ABC dehumidifier with running costs of just 2.25C per hour based on 20C /kWh. The MeacoDry ‘ABC’ is a cost-effective and practical solution to solve any moisture issues and will dramatically increase the comfort level of living in any home.

The MeacoDry ‘ABC’ features easy to use controls with a display showing the current room relative humidity and the ability for you to set your target relative humidity in steps of 5%.

The Meaco DRY ABC 12L is packed with features such as:

  • Laundry mode – Makes the machine run at full speed for a times 6 hours to help dry your clothes and then switches off to save energy
  • Automatic turn off – prevents spillage when water tank is full
  • Auto-off timer – schedule when the appliance turns off
  • Child lock - to prevent hands small and large from changing your settings
  • Simple Controls
  • Choose from some really cool colours

Now you can colour co-ordinate your dehumidifier to your home with these stylish control panel colours: black, white, silver, blue or green.


Extraction Rate Data

Room ConditionsMaximum Water ExtractionWattage
5°C and 60%RH 0.77 L/day 129 W
10°C and 60%RH 1.73 L/day 138 W
15°C and 60%RH 2.05 L/day 148 W
20°C and 60%RH 4.98 L/day 162 W
25°C and 60%RH 6.42 L/day 179 W
30°C and 60%RH 7.82 L/day 201 W
5°C and 80%RH 1.75 L/day 130 W
10°C and 80%RH 3.54 L/day 142 W
15°C and 80%RH 6.18 L/day 154 W
20°C and 80%RH 8.04 L/day 170 W
25°C and 80%RH 10.21 L/day 193 W
30°C and 80%RH 12.66 L/day 222 W

Technical Overview

Compressor or Desiccant? Compressor
Extraction Rate at 26.7°C and 60%rh 6.5 litres per day
Extraction Rate at 30°C and 80%rh 12.66 litres per day
Noise level at one metre 35 to 40dB(A)
Rated Power Consumption 180W
Variable Humidistat Yes
Approximate electricity cost Just 2.45p/hour based on 15.2p/kWh
Air Flow (nominal) 100m³/hour
Fan Speeds Two
Filter Washable dust filter
Laundry Mode Yes
Digital Display Yes
Tank 2.6 litres
Operating Temperatures 5....35°C
Power Supply 230V, 50Hz
Refrigerant R134a
Rated Current 1.1A
Dimensions (HWD) mm 463 x 300 x 250mm
Weight 11.2kgs


Not certain whether to choose the 12L Low Energy or the new 12L ABC dehumidifier? Take a look here for some guidelines.

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